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Sympfiny is an innovative pharmaceutical delivery system for dosing and dispensing multiparticulate, dry powder, and microsphere, drug formulations for oral delivery. It is the first delivery device to dose the same as traditional liquid dispensers, creating an intuitive and user-friendly experience. The Institute for Pediatric Innovation, sponsored by Pfizer, awarded the HSD team a grant to explore novel dosing and delivering concepts for the pediatric market. The goal was to develop a system that would work for developing nations, as well as developed countries. Modeling the system after an oral syringe created a familiar action for caregivers which reduced learning time, but also enabled it to be used comfortably with one hand. The design allows caregivers to store, extract, and deliver this dry multiparticulate formulation with precision and ease. The system fits common bottle sizes and can be pre-filled or filled at a pharmacy, allowing for this new system to be manufactured alongside traditional drug containers. The re-usable syringe comes in two sizes and has selectable dose settings as well. HSD Ventures™ developed the patent pending system. For more information on Sympfiny, multiparticulates, or HSD Ventures™ refer to the links below.


UBM BIOMEDevice Boston Innovation Award 2017, IPI Institute for Pediatric Innovation Open Innovation Challenge Award 2016


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