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Parabureau is an award winning design consultancy specialized in branding, graphic, and product design. The company operates since 2004, and was founded in Zagreb, Croatia by Marko Baus and Igor Stanisljevic. From product design to visual identity, Parabureau consistently applies the idea of functionality.

Parabureau’s works contributed many design exhibitions and competitions and won numerous awards such as: IDA 2010. International Design Award - Gold; C+C Print Award; ADCC Awards 2010. - Gold; Rebrand 100 Global Award, 2010.; IDA 08 International Design Award, 2009.; Wolda ‘08, 2008. - Best of Nation Award; Eulda ‘07, the European Logo Design Annual, 2007. – 3 awards; Hong Kong International Poster Trienal, 2007; Eulda 06’ – 3 awards; Index2005 Award exhibition (Kopenhagen 2005.).


  • Atlantic Group
  • City of PULA
  • Ministry of Culture (Croatia) Ministry of Work and Social Care (Croatia)
  • Pula film festival
  • Croatian Post
  • Zepter
  • BBC Croatia
  • Diners Club
  • Ghetaldus

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