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Kickback Kooler

Client: Future Image Technologies

A serial entrepreneur wanted to create a multi-functional recreational cooler with a series of new features including unique built-in seat backs, fold-away rotating pull handle, umbrella holder, cargo hook attachments, and wheels in order to target multiple markets. Right from the get-go, we built physical prototypes to test the various functionalities in real-world scenarios as well as used our Ansys Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software to virtually test the final design for structural deficiencies.

The Kickback Kooler has to withstand the weight of two large adults, including the force of them leaning back without collapsing or tipping over. Our exhaustive FEA simulations also helped to shape the cooler into the most efficient form, making it one of the most highly engineered and functional coolers ever designed. One patent has already been granted, and another is currently pending.


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