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Client: SOMA

SOMA is a beautiful and elegant glass carafe with a compostable water filter, delivered right to your door through a simple and easy subscription service. SOMA separates itself from other water filters due to its holistic point of view. Not only does it deliver the best hydration experience by removing common user complaints with current water filters, but it’s sustainable as well. The all-natural filter takes advantage of sustainable materials, Malaysian coconut shell carbon and fine silk all in a plant-based filter casing. Also, every filter that is purchased helps bring clean, safe drinking water to those in need, through a partnership with Charity: Water

The challenge of creating Soma became a balancing act of developing a water filter that functioned extremely well, maintained a simple and elegant design language, and stayed true to a sustainable and social commitment to respect our planet’s resources. In order to achieve this goal we needed to enhance the user experience through solving the common frustrations associated with current filtration systems, the bulky two handed operation, the lid falling off during use, buying and replacing filters, or even those pesky black flakes. At the same time the form needed to exemplify an effective and intuitive design that seamlessly integrated into a user’s home whether in the fridge or as a center piece on the table of a dinner party. All the while staying honest to a sustainable product that would remove the guilt of throwing away a bulky filter that was destined for the landfill.


CORE 77 2014 Consumer Products winner 2014, IDSA 2014 IDEA Silver Award 2014


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