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TYPO Keyboard for iPad Air packaging

TYPO Keyboard for iPad Air combines a protective case with an adjustable stand and a remarkably thin Bluetooth keyboard. It is a high-end, precision crafted product that for most purposes converts the iPad into a laptop.
The same TYPO quality and attention to detail carries throughout the packaging design. Its structure consists of two primary elements — a molded recyclable plastic inner tray attached to rigid, book-like paperboard cover.
The TYPO Keyboard is securely nested in the plastic tray with soft bumpers to form a snug fit. The rigid cardboard structure snaps close around the contained keyboard/case tray with imbedded magnets on the flap. The quality feel of the magnetic closure invites the consumer to easily open the package to examine and feel the high-end product materials and finishes.
The graphic end of the package has as much finesse as its structure. The complexity of the product required more than a typical static beauty product photo on a white background. Product value is swiftly conveyed on package cover with 2 photos demonstrating the product in context. Augmenting this refined directness is the clean TYPO logo and “The perfect iPad companion” claim.
The inside cover boasts a soothing blue explosion of color with a paragraph of clean, concise type stating the pleasure of typing on the worlds best tablet with a full size physical keyboard. Opposite of this resides the product and its accessories clearly presented and readily accessible.
The back cover picks up on the front cover introduction with a provocative statement. This is followed by concise descriptions of the 4 main product features paired with accompanying demonstration photos. Together the copy and photos communicate and reinforce the details and value of the product.
The overall package design is clean, inviting and speaks quality. It is familiar enough to be appropriate in the category yet different enough to standout against the competition. It convincingly conveys the


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