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Client: Blueflame

SPROUT set out to create an authentic, cohesive, and scalable design language for the Blueflame collection of iOS products and accessories. These designs needed to be quick to market and combine a techie look and feel with a minimal yet iconic design in an extremely crowded product category. To further diversify this line of products, we explored fresh new lifestyle-driven solutions while keeping the product understandable and ultra-functional.
We also focused on creating a high quality product experience by fusing technological innovation, product design, packaging design, and manufacturing fit and finish – which is manifested in the products metal housings, braided cables, superior performance, packaging, and out-of-box experience.
SPROUT’S core goal was to deliver a “got to have it” collection of products aimed at capturing the imagination of the 15-25-year-old, design conscious, tech-savvy, mass-market consumer who lusts for what’s next.


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