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JACK Electric Scooter

Client: LEEV Mobility

JACK is a compact, foldable electric powered scooter. An environmentally friendly, modern personal transporter for traveling short distances in urban areas. A high-tech electric design product, that is easy to fold and to bring along, because of its low weight and compact dimensions.

JACK forms an extension of the car, to bridge the ‘final mile’ from parking spot to final destination. JACK nicely fits into the back of the car and can be charged through the accessory outlet. This means it is always ready for action.

Also in public transport, JACK is your perfect companion. Simply hop onto the train with the folded vehicle. At your destination, unfold JACK in 3 simple steps and drive off.

Given its portability and low weight, you can easily take JACK with you to charge and store indoors. The charger can be plugged into a standard wall socket.


Core77 Core77 Design Award 2013


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