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Electric Mobility Bike

Client: Kiwano

One of our core expertise is electric mobility vehicles and is a primary focus for Shark Design, we invented the self-balancing off-road scooters, more than 50 million units sold of this worldwide within three years from 2015. We have also invented one wheel vehicles and hold several US and international patents.

This new electric mobility bike features the latest technologies and is something we have spent over two years on designing, prototyping and developing with our electric mobility R&D team.

The software and electronics is developed by Shark Electronics which is a division of the Shark Design group. The software features the latest technologies and functions allowing the electric vehicle to be used in a safe environment either by end consumers or ride-sharing businesses.

This e-bike will feature self balancing technology to improve safety to riders and pedestrians. It will fold instantly for easy storage.


Electric Bike

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