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Smart Hand - Tracked VR device

Client: Black Box VR

Black Box VR is developing a fully immersive virtual reality gym experience and hired SGW Designworks as their product design company to develop multiple hardware elements of the system. Internal BlackBox teams had a clear vision for the system and for the market. Their internal teams also had full software development capabilities. They decided to look to an outside product development firm for help with the hardware elements of the project.

Black Box VR made their public debut with they complete system at CES 2018, using prototypes built by SGW Designworks. Right away, the virtual gym got the attention of industry professionals and the press. Over 1,000 people used the system at CES, without a breakdown. Black Box VR won a covetted CES Innovation Award, and was awarded “Best Startup of CES 2018” from By engaging SGW Designworks, BlackBox VR was able to make rapid development progress, without the risk of hiring a full internal engineering staff. SGW Designworks is able to grow and shrink the development team as needed based on project needs.


CES CES Innovation Award 2018, Best Startup at CES 2018


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