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Our Process
We will work with you at any point in the process to help you develop your idea. Whether you need sketches, 3D renderings, prototypes, or just have questions, we are here for you. Our process can include:

Research in the field associated with your idea
Idea generation
Development of several solutions
Testing and refinement
Modeling and prototyping
Design Approach
Our approach to design begins broadly with an understanding of your business or idea. Then we define the project and goals at hand and how we can be of help, whether it be gaining new clients, new business, or creating new and exciting designs for your product inventory, company identity, or marketing materials. We then brainstorm new designs to fit your goals. We can have first drafts ready for your revision in a timely manner. After several rounds of revisions, with your feedback, we will move to finalize the design(s).
We strive for more-than-satisfied customers.

Please note that we do not aid in the marketing of your idea or product. The market research we may perform is to aid in the process of design.




  • Industrial Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Packaging

Typical Project Budget

Not Specified

Main Office

6577 S. Clarkson St.
Centennial, CO 80121
United States


Michael Caston
phone: 303-794-3630
Website: CAMIC designs LLC

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