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Dental Care Chew Toy and Gel Dispenser Pack

Client: Chompers

Created as part of a doggy dental care subscription based system, the Chompers Club chew toys were designed to deliver an innovative, all natural enzyme gel straight to the pup’s pearly whites to boost their natural oral defenses.

The rib language was specifically designed to create channels within the chew toys to hold the tasty enzyme gel, promoting longer chewing for best results. While the pup chews, tummy-safe enzymes harnessed from mushrooms work to freshen breath, reduce tartar causing bacteria and whiten teeth.

Made of durable, natural rubber, the chew toys are chew resistant and safe for chompers. Developed in two sizes.

Chompers Club weekly dispenser packs serve as a visual reminder for daily use of the product. Design development focused on habit-building, working to encourage subscribers to give the enzyme gel to their pups on a daily basis for maximum benefits.

The pack is designed to pop onto a custom magnet delivered with the starter kit, making it prominent on the fridge, cabinet door or other highly visible place in the home. The fun, colorful and iconic designs are display-worthy and insta-worthy, further encouraging the daily ritual of improving your pup’s oral health.

The enzymatic gel packets, weekly chomp pack, mounting magnet and chew toys all work together as part of a system that reinforces behavior while being fun for dogs and dog parents alike.


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