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World's First Dual Head Pain Relief Device

Client: Advino Healthcare

Our award winning Curalaser was created for Advino Technologies who realised that there is a great need for a handheld physiotherapy device at a nominal cost to compete with some of the German devices which were exorbitantly expensive and took a lot of time to complete the procedure since a single device was used to do focused therapy for the joints in the backbone, as well as generic healing to subside pain in the overall lower back muscle.

We started with a detailed research to understand the ergonomic concerns of the physiotherapists and did a time and motion study to understand the pain points from the overall process perspective. The user study indicated that the same device with a focused therapy laser, and a single head, was not sufficient for both small area for localised/precision therapy as well as large area surface therapy. 

InventIndia team started brainstorming ideas of the physiotherapy device with multiple heads that could reduce the overall time to heal the larger areas keeping the strengths required to heal the injury area in a focused way. The final patent pending product created by us ended up being a dual head therapy laser, that can conveniently and quickly switch electronic signals from one side to the other with the press of a button.

This handheld device, has the ability to sell as a personal therapy device in the US and Europe, and can be sold as a physiotherapist/physicians device in the Asian countries where the audience is more price-sensitive and the hourly rates of physiotherapy are a fraction of the rates in Europe or US. This product has won several awards, and has various mentions as an Indian startup having the potential to establish a global brand for a universal physiotherapy product.


IDA, USA Honorable Mention 2018


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