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Nobu Heated & Vibrating Foam Roller

Client: Salus

The Nobu Foam Roller by Salus
A heated and vibrating foal roller that combines the traditional pressure based therapy of foam rollers with heat and vibration therapy resulting an a next-generation muscle recovery device.

The Story
Kalum spent years rehabilatating an injury that required him to spend time massaging, heating, and foam rolling his hip every single day. He knew there had to be a better way, but he couldn’t find a solution, so he decided to create it.

Ventrify was brought on to bring the product from an early stage prototype to a market ready prototype. Challenges included the custom foam design, as well as long term reliability of product components under constant heat and vibration.

Redesigning the electrical and mechanical systems, we were able to achieve the desired heating and vibration settings. A factory that had experience with rubber molding was also brought in to manufacture the custom foam exterior. Kalum is now testing the functional, aesthetic prototypes with influencers and athletes.

Services Provided
Electronic system review and redesign. PCB design, assembly and testing. Mechanical design, solid modelling, prototype sourcing and assembly.

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