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Torch Router

Client: Torch

Everything about the Torch Router was designed to be easy to understand, use, and approach.

With Torch, there’s only one light, which we call the “Light Ring.” The Light Ring functions as a visible prompt. It says “hey, the internet is available to one or more kids in the house.” And when it’s off, it says “the internet is off for every kiddo in the house.” (Adults have access anytime – whether the Light Ring is on or off. YAY being an adult!)
Also, with their cold, hard edges, most routers aren’t designed as objects for the living room. That’s why we hide routers on shelves and behind sofas.

With the Torch Router, we tried to do the exact opposite. We want people to love their router. To make that happen, we purposefully used real materials – like maple veneer – and soft, submissive form movements to make the router feel welcoming and touchable. We want people to put the router out in the open, whether it’s on a coffee table or on the kitchen nook. We even put a divot in the center, so the router can serve as a mini dish.

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