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Skylight litter box and Hideaway scoop and holder

Client: Cat Person

There aren’t any enclosed litter boxes available that can be proudly left out in a small space while also being inclusive to cats of all sizes, ages and behaviors.

We developed a litter box system consisting of the “Skylight” box and “Hideaway” scoop and holder which clips into the handle of the box or sits on the floor.

In the research phase I identified multiple areas where we could improve the litter box experience for cats and people.

Many cats are...sprayers meaning they require high walled boxes without seams and liners that might leak. Many cats refuse to use an enclosed litter box because they can't sit without bumping their heads, or they don't allow light in, or they contain the smell inside too well. Most enclosed litter boxes are also too small inside and larger cats can't turn around upon entry, some entries are too high for older and younger cats, some entrances are too small for larger cats...and the list goes on.

It was important for the box to sit in the home as a piece of furniture that would not be polarizing and blend in without attracting unwanted attention. By producing the lid in wood it looks like a table at first glance. The cutouts allow both light and air inside creating a more welcoming interior space. The larger than average dimensions allow a roomy space for all cats to use. The entrance cutout allows it to be placed in multiple orientations while allowing more light in. The fully rounded interior makes it simple to clean. The handles make it easy to carry and dump while having a secondary function of holding the scoop holder.

For the scoop and holder I identified a few pain points including: scoops are too small, not durable, sift litter too slowly, are an eyesore (no one wants to see a scoop) and the list goes on. In parallel the scoop needs a place to live.

Instead of hanging from the box and potentially leaving litter on the floor, we developed a scoop holder which followed the form and draft of the box allowi


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