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MEAN means meaningful. Founded in 2013 by Denny Liao and Karen Han, Mean Design Studio is a full service industrial design studio located in sunny Los Angeles, CA, specializing in product design and development. Our studio prides ourselves on being young and fresh thinkers, and we are passionate to help companies from around the world to share their unique, honest, exciting, and meaningful stories through good product design.

We believe that design is problem solving and not just form making, although everything we do tends to be beautiful.

We believe in good ideas and we also believe in creative ideas that seem to be bad but are actually brilliant.

We believe in work hard play hard. We are so passionate about what we do as designers and innovators of the future, that work has become play for us.

We believe in our clients. For every client we work with, we believe in their idea and their potential to succeed, thus we promise to keep our end of the bargain and deliver designs that we believe will be successful.

There are many ways to innovate. Whether we are shaping a new idea from ground up, or refreshing an already established one, we work with companies of all scales to tailor a unique process to fit with their specific needs to help them deliver innovative designs that can achieve business success.


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316 E. Fairview No.104
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phone: 1.323.645.0820

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