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Label Printer Infographics

Client: Quick Label

Indigoextra created a series of infographics and quotagraphics for Quick Label, a leading manufacturer of production-capacity, full-colour digital label printers, barcode printers, and labeling software that allow businesses to print their own labels on-demand, just in time, whether in the UK, USA or France.

Being able to print labels in-house gives graphic designers great flexibility as it means you can create unique labels for special events, seasonal sales, prices changes, etc. Our project was to research and create a series of infographics illustrating different aspects of label design in English and French, using colours which match the colour scheme for Quick Label's own website.

More about Quick Label ...

After introducing the first in-house digital colour label printer in 1994, Quick Label continued to innovate labeling solutions specifically for manufacturers and processors who want to print product labels in-house. Their label and ink supplies are integral components of their label printing systems, and they take great pride in manufacturing the best media products on the market, including inkjet inks, toner, thermal transfer ribbons, blank labels, and custom-printed labels.

Quick Label specialize in designing label printers for companies that need to make their own product labels as a part of their production process. While other labeling companies serve the label industry, they understand the needs of businesses that package their own products or provide contract packaging services for others. They design and support their software, printers, and labels for processors and manufacturers in many industries, including the food industry, cosmetics and personal care industry, chemical processing industry, dietary supplement and pharmaceutical industries, and medical device industry, among others.

Team Members

Allison Carmichael, Agnes Potier, Chris Litherland


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