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The Up & Go™ Compact Potty by Infantino

A Portable Product Design Focused on Children’s Safety

Infantino is a company made of people with families, developing toys and products for families. They are an industry leader in developing products for children from infants to toddlers. Infantino reached out to BOOM Designs to help develop a travel potty that gives parents peace of mind while away from home. Our objective for the Up & Go™ Compact Travel Potty was to design and engineer a collapsible children’s potty that can capture waste in a disposable plastic sack, making it easy to use on the go.

Engineering a Portable Design

At the onset of developing the Up & Go™ Compact Potty, we immediately recognized the challenge of engineering collapsible legs optimal for a portable design without sacrificing functionality and the safety of the child using the potty. Our product design strategy would investigate both two and four leg solutions. Also, we decided utilizing a CAD (a 3D digital model aiding in developing and engineering an optimized product) in the Develop phase of our process would be crucial to test the design in consumer testing to validate the overall size and function of the potty.

“We knew when we approached BOOM Designs we would receive a stunning and superbly functional product. What shocked us was BOOM’s persistence to meet the project goals as well as their concern to develop a safe potty for young children. It showed that they understood our brand and what we value most from a partnership”
Maureen Salazar – Juvenile Design Manager at Infantino

Developing Stability

A number of insights were revealed during our product design strategy, especially a number of reasons that pointed to a four leg solution being ideal for the Up & Go™ Compact Potty. With a four-leg folding solution, we were able to extend the footprint beyond the seating area of the potty creating a stable design that is space-efficient when folded. We also designed it so the legs could easily fold out and snap

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