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signage and way finding system

Client: MVJ College of Engineering

To simplify a complex maze! The objective of the project was to simplify a 3,00,000 Sqft, complex building into various distinguishable zones and clearly aid an user to travel from Point A - Point B in minimal time. The exercise also transformed the "brick and mortar" space into an awe inspiring branded environment that reflects the various elements of "engineering" - the nature of knowledge sharing activity of the space.

Achieved Innovation:
By not limiting to educational environments, the design intervention has opened up wide possibilities for the design and development of effective way finding and signage systems using simpler techniques & materials in India. We have identified new problems within the existing eco system of signage systems in India and have provided effective and tangible design solutions for the same. The proposed solutions embrace high functional values by doubling up as an environmental graphics and through its simpler implementation techniques, the solution can be a key element towards amplifying the business dynamics of the local and small scale vendor industries in India.

Design Success:
With this design intervention, the implemented solutions have enabled an user to effectively orient oneself to the key architecture of the building and has enabled him/her to travel from point A - point B in minimal time. The clear typography, user friendly terminologies & positioning of the sign systems have also enabled the user to identify a given area in short time without having to levy any further effort. The entire functionality & aesthetics of the proposed design solutions have inspired the educational institute students towards new thinking and new possibilities, thus by aligning itself as an inspirational factor.


CII Design Excellence Awards 2014


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