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Chiller Body

Freezable hat inserts that provide users instant heat relief while performing their typically work, rest, or play activities.

Cooling Hat Inserts
Chiller Body is a product that fits inside many various types of hats and helmets, so users can insert them and reduce their body temperature in warm climates and environments. They combine the capacity to maintain cool body temperatures with the dynamics to fit inside a piece of clothing for a practical, effective, and convenient everyday tool like no other on the market.

Where Thermodynamics Meets Physical Flexibility
Designing the Chiller Body was an advanced task for Shark Design as the product had to balance thermodynamic principles with the ability to be used dynamically. Our body cooler design focused on shaping the product to maximize its ability to stay cold while being flexible enough to fit inside hats and move around as the user moves.

Alternate Sided Material for Dual Cooling Options
Beyond the cooling capacity, we designed Chiller Body’s to have two different levels of cooling in one product. One side is created with more permeable material and offers an ‘Extreme Chill’ with a high cooling intensity when body temperature is at a high. The other side was developed with thicker material and softer fabric for a ‘Cool Chill’, which offers a more gentle cooling experience. These features make Chiller Body a product with more range and higher value for customers.

Preventing Heat Related-Illness and Making Work and Play Safer
Hats, helmets, and caps offer critical protection in many sports, work environments, and hobbies, but it’s also in these times when we experience higher body temperatures, and hats only increase the heat we’re exposed to. Together with our partner, through many design iterations, prototypes, and testing, we’ve created this personal cooling technology that allows athletes and workers to prevent heat-related illness while continuing their activities.


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