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TVL is an industrial design studio, specializing mostly in consumer products design. the studio was established 11 years ago by Guy Tevel, Industrial designer (B.des).
From childhood, Guy tevel loved to assemble and disassemble products, which he used to find on his dad's garage. he was amazed by the amount of parts every product has, and even more amazed by the fact that each and every part is matching to another part in order to create the final product. Tevel and products was love at first sight.
15 years ago Tevel started his B.des studies at HIT, Holon, Israel, and few years later he was honored to come back as a lecturer to HIT. Over the years his love and enthusiasm for creating products got refined, extended and sharpened.
"I really love designing products. for me, every product that I'm designing is like a child of mine. the design process is like a "mind pregnancy", including fear, curiosity and the feeling that something great is going to happen, and at the end of the process, there is nothing more satisfying than to see the product brought to life and begins its experience in its new world".
After gaining vast experience with designing products for various consumer products companies, Tevel expanded his perspective regarding products, and began looking for the bigger picture, which is the product's habitat and family - the brand.
Brands are like an abstract idea, a story that is being created by strategy and being told by visual messages to the potential consumers.
when the story is interesting and touching human emotions, and the product is fulfilling the brand's promise - you get a winning product.
This defines Tevel's vision - "I am the product",
being the product means knowing what the product needs, feels and even thinks.


  • Red Dot Design Award Red Dot 2009
  • Good Design Award Good Design 2009
  • Spark Award Spark 2009
  • Design Award CGtrader 2014
  • Innovation Award Big 3 East 2016


  • Kalashnikov USA
  • Disney
  • Stratasys
  • Flextronix



Staff Size


TVL Industrial Design Studio


  • Industrial Design
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Design Management

Typical Project Budget

$10,000 - $25,000

TLV Industrial Design Studio

Kehilat Ventsia 10
Tel Aviv, Hamerkaz 6940014


Guy Tevel
phone: +72542477220
Website: TVL website

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