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Russian product development consultancy Lumiknows specializes on Design Research to inspire Strategy and Innovation. Trends intelligence amplified with a deep understanding of the Russian mentality and visual culture issues make Lumiknows a strong partner for global and local brands.

We have a unique experience of conducting the first in the world design research and trends forecasting projects aimed at the Russian market: Samsung, Danfoss, Renault, Philips, The Moscow Metro, Optimed (the largest in Russia surgical equipment maker).

With a focus on People, Research and Innovation, our aim is to provide deep insights into drivers, lifestyle and mindset of gaining in sophistication Russian customers. Our involvement during the early stages of NPD ensures creating sound business strategies which lead to identifying new product and market opportunities in Russia.

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  • Samsung
  • Danfoss
  • Renault
  • Philips
  • The Moscow Metro
  • Optimed (the Russian largest surgical equipment maker)
  • Restec (the Russian second exhibition company).



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