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SKS-Germany Corporate identity

Client: SKS-Germany

SKS has manufactured bicycle accessories since 1932. As the new long-term design partner for SKS, and in cooperation with the company, we analyzed their brand, the products and their end-users for a strategic reorientation. The products serve three target groups: mountain bikers, racers and allroad cyclists. All points of contact with consumers must be focused on providing consumer-orientated clarity: which product is meant for me?
In order to achieve this target, an individual style guide was developed for the product lines. This style guide provides a starting point for product design, packaging, product graphics, website, catalog, advertising and sales.


Spaero sport GIO Award 2012, Shockblade II GIO Award 2012, X-Blade II GIO Award 2012, S-Blade GIO Award 2012, Spaero iF Award 2012, Diago iF Award 2011, Diago Reddot Award 2011, Raceday DDA 2011


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