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Apptronik | Designing a Humanoid for a Human World

Client: Apptronik

Humanoid robots have long captivated our collective imagination and can symbolize a blend of science and artistry. From science fiction tales to real-world applications, designing a humanoid robot represents a complex and multifaceted endeavor of creativity, engineering, science, and innovation.

Defining the Vision. With a mechanical underlay and the understanding that Apollo would work in commercial and industrial applications, Apptronik and Argo were ready for an open discussion about what qualities a humanoid robot should exude and approached Pushstart for the industrial design of their humanoid robot.

Apollo would need to perform tasks in an environment designed for humans with humans so we would need to overcome any negative perceptions of humanoid robots historically fueled by Hollywood. Apollo needed the ability to complete assigned tasks while communicating effectively and without feeling threatening or invoking fear.

Helpful not Harmful. As humans, we read faces as part of our everyday interactions with others so the design of the head and face of Apollo would impact overall perception. Starting with a range of concepts that went from more industrial to more whimsical, there needed to be balance.

While the head of Apollo is reminiscent of a human head, the side profile and brow are meant to combat any negative tropes that can be associated with humanoid robots. Limiting the perception of a ‘brain’, the void in the head serves to remind people that the robot does not have a mind of its own. Coupled with the brow that gives a semi-inquisitive look to the face that gives the notion that there is a reliance on people to provide input and information for the robot to know their task and job. Equipped with cameras and sensors, the eyes of Apollo are crucial for effective interaction, navigation, and safety.

Engineering Excellence. While the front view of Apollo is a bit softer, the side view and torso were a place to celebrate Apptronik’s except

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