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Floating Concepts is a design studio run by Vicky Theodoreli, established in January of 2008 specializing in branding and visual communication. Our team works closely alongside our clients assisting them in the journey of building their brand and as these companies grow, we grow along with them.

The name is inspired by the way we understand the creative process; start with blank space and keep floating between ideas until we end up in the one that meets our client needs. In our journey, we have been blessed with diversity in every aspect, from "branding" beginner companies from scratch, to “refreshing” more cultured and developed companies/organizations by our aid to revamp and outplay a new space in their field.

We are a small studio. We do Branding. And we like and insist to deliver an outcome that stands out!! Travel through our projects page, take a sneak peek and discover some of our favorite logos, brochures, packaging materials and website designs that were completed with our long term developer partner’s team.



  • Mr. Wash
  • Balu Cafe Lounge
  • ASC Energy
  • Karadimou
  • Kermes
  • LibArte
  • Cream Cafe



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