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CubeFire Design is a small industrial design consultancy in Chicago IL, formerly in Arlington VA. We specialize in designing consumer and industrial electronics for quick turn-around, small run production or demonstration prototypes. Our primary tools are SolidWorks and Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator which are augmented by sketching and hand-made prototyping. Our final deliverables are typically pre-engineered injection molded 3D part designs which can easily be taken directly to tooling or 3D printed by an outside vendor. We differentiate ourselves from the standard design consultancy with our production method and engineering knowledge.

In addition to our core skill set we also work with local museums and other companies to create interactive exhibits and furniture. Over the past 15 years we have created everything from one-off prototypes and interactive museum models, to low run, high-tech, bench-made imaging systems, all the way up to mass produced toys which have sold well into the hundreds of thousands of units.

CubeFire Design is a passionate evangelist for advanced technology and cutting edge design which seeks to improve our physical world.

CubeFire Design


  • Industrial Design
  • Exhibit Design

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schiller st
chicago, IL 60610
United States


Willy Yonkers
phone: 312-576-2078
Website: CubeFire Design

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