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Fuji Transonic

Client: Fuji Bicycles

The no-compromise, aerodynamic design of the Fuji Transonic is the culmination of Anvil’s years of experience in designing aerodynamic and performance carbon fiber bicycles with Advanced Sports International. The Transonic design uses sharp-surface transitions to accentuate dramatic highlights and shadows across the frame. Crisp edges on the front and rear triangles of the bike create a negative space that emphasizes both speed and motion. Additionally the front and rear brakes are integrated into the fluid detailing of the Forks and Seat Stay relatively. The result is a design that successfully fuses clean, aggressive elements with Fuji’s classic, organic design.


Spark Transport: Finalist 2014, Chi Athenaeum GOOD DESIGN 2015, IDSA IDEA Finalist 2016, Spark Transport: Finalist 2016, Chi Athenaeum GOOD DESIGN 2016


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