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All In One Travel Razor

Client: Funshave Inc.

This award winning and patent pending unique product was developed by InventIndia right from its inception. Along the journey of product development, InventIndia worked with the customer to define the overall identity and branding for the product. The product solves the problem of not being able to find the blades of the specific razor brand while travelling. Hence, we called it Trazor. Since the product has a distinct feature of the head that can adapt multiple blades and that can turn to accommodate different brands, we as a team agreed to keep the tagline as heads turn around or turning heads.

Once we completed the design, development & prototyping, the customer invited us to prepare all the assets for a crowdfunding campaign as well as for their website. Keeping the basic SEO and SMO in mind, InventIndia developed an overall strategy for pre-launch, launch and post launch of the crowdfunding campaign; including brand story, brand positioning, channel device strategy, campaign planning, influencer marketing and PR.

We were able to successfully create all the campaign assets in perfect alignment with the product and brand story because of our unique position as inventors of the product itself. We had in-depth knowledge of the product design and development along with all the stages of prototyping which ultimately gave identity to the brand. This was the key reason behind successfully meeting the target for the crowdfunding campaign as well as end to end product development.


A'Design Winner (Iron A) 2019


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