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A versatile countertop cooking appliance you can monitor and control with your phone - from anywhere with an internet connection. With the Cooc companion smartphone app, you can do more than simply set this pot to cook at low, medium or high.

Cooc marries laboratory-grade precision heating, an intuitive smartphone-based interface, and sophisticated kitchenware design. Whether you’re a fan of meats cooked slow n’ low, a maven of molecular gastronomy, or just feeling too busy to orchestrate a worthy weeknight dinner, Cooc offers everyone an improved, immersive cooking experience.


Cooc downloadable recipes contain data that controls the unit for you. Temperature and cooking times are automatically set by the recipe program, and adjust to your past preferences. More complicated cooking programs will generate a temperature-over-time graph, which can be monitored and manipulated to your liking. Recipe specific push notifications alert you when your dish is ready or when action needs to be taken.

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