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Dynamicon is a design consultancy firm helping individuals and organizations create innovative solutions, within a unique design context, and authentic focus on their clients. Our solutions are delivered in the form of products, services, environments, experiences, strategies, processes and businesses. Our system is based on user centered design and design thinking principles, in ways that relate and have value to you and your organization.

We start from a deep understanding of our client’s situations, before moving towards the creation of solutions, which are developed through a holistic approach. We combine the best of analytical and creative thinking. At dynamicon we analyze every challenge from different angles, so we can build up and iterate concepts collaboratively. By doing this early in the process, we can later evaluate and develop initiatives that would be brought to reality and implemented.

At the core of dynamicon is our empathy for the people who use the designed solutions and the people who deliver them. Our passion for taking a human centered approach helps us understand the opportunities for innovation and create solutions that people truly love. We believe in the value of working collaboratively when exploring different points of view to address challenges and provide new perspectives.

What we do:

+ Service Design
+ Product Design & Development
+ Industrial Design
+ Social Innovation
+ Business Innovation
+ Graphic Design
+ Website Design
+ Corporate Identity
+ Research



  • Inventors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Start Ups
  • SME's
  • Non-profit





  • Strategic Consulting
  • Design Management
  • Industrial Design

Typical Project Budget

Not Specified


We will be happy to assist you regardless of the size and simplicity of your project. Just contact us and tell us how we can help.

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Virtual at dynamicon.ca
St. Catharines, ON L2M 3A6


Customer Service
Website: Dynamicon design consultancy hello@dynamicon.ca

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