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Object Studios is about closely bringing together our talent and your project needs, simplifying product development with a no-nonsense approach.


Taking any amount of technology and approaching a design from a human centric experience is especially important as technology becomes integrated throughout our lives. This is where Object Studios vision goes beyond the feature driven markets, delivering designs based around the most important aspect - the user. Rethinking the interactive experience with an object helps to identify the meaningful opportunities that are successful not only to stimulate the consumer mindset, but also have staying power on the shelf. This leads to designing objects that are simple, elegant, and worth talking about.


Product Development and Design Integrity


Innovation Brainstorm
Concept Generation
Product Visualization
Surfacing / Solid 3D CAD Modeling
Prototyping and Verification

For ID positions, contractors, and internship inquiries, if you would like to pass along your portfolio PDF or web link to info@objectstudios.com we will keep it on file, you may not receive a response. Please no phone calls for position inquiries either. Check back to the design directory or objectstudios.com for updates when we are actively seeking applicants.



  • Product of the Year Creative Child Magazine 2008
  • Design and Engineering Honors Innovations Award CES 2010
  • Design and Engineering Honors Innovations Award CES 2011


  • Design Guild SF



Object Studios


  • Industrial Design
  • Design Management
  • Engineering

Typical Project Budget

less than $10,000


Whether it's just one phase or full product development, find out how Object Studios can create value within your project's budget.

Main Office

427 Bryant Street
San Francisco, CA 94107
United States


Eric Nichols
Website: www.objectstudios.com info@objectstudios.com

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