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The history of man and horse is a thousand years old. Modern horseback riding remains strongly stamped by the hallmark of traditions and know-how that are sometimes centuries old.

However, as the discipline opens up to new practices, it also welcomes new technologies and materials, to the delight of riders and their mounts.

At the start of the project, in February 2018, VOLTAIRE DESIGN's teams planned to develop a brand new pommel made of composite materials, much lighter than traditional wooden and steel pommels, without affecting the other characteristics of their saddle ranges. Very quickly, the first experiments proved promising. We developed numerous improvements, opening up increasing opportunities for our agency's work.

In this way, the decision was taken by VOLTAIRE DESIGN in July to stop limiting their innovation work to the pommel alone. The research needed to be extended to the development of a new saddle with a commitment to design, materials and processes. The BLUE INFINITE project was launched.

The VOLTAIRE DESIGN and OUTERCRAFT agency teams have worked tirelessly over the past few months to be able to present the BLUE INFINITE saddle on time. It was revealed to the public on January 14, under the palm trees of West Palm Beach, Florida, during a presentation attended by more than a hundred equestrian professionals.

Team Members

Gauthier ROCHER, Florian AUGER, Pierrick PICHAUREAUX


composite design product Innovation sport equipment sport product development

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