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Have worked with some of the best in the industry!!,now im ready to further build my clientle even more!!
The garment industry is a 37 BILLION DOLLAR industry, so let me help you get your "piece of the pie"!!
Building and starting a fashion/product line is not difficult,and the rewards are limitless,work with the best,...

A. Do you need a designer/ graphic designer ,but can not afford a staff?

B.Do u desire to have access to raw, dynamic NEW YORK fashion talent,but live else where?

C.Do you have a great idea for a clothing line,but no sketch skills,design skills,etc.

D.Are you a small company,but in need of a true design professional to design your product line at reasonable fees that wont have you mortgaging your house?

Here at Seaki Creative Services, we can help with ALL of your creative needs.
Take a view at our site, and view our work for other clients.


  • Baby Phat
  • Phat Farm
  • Fubu
  • ParisWalker
  • Perry Ellis
  • G- Star(Amsterdam)
  • Sean John



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2 - 5

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