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Cosmetic Makeup Airbrush For Consumers

Client: TEMPTU, Inc

This project was initiated by Manhattan-based cosmetic company Temptu, which desperately wanted to expand its operations from professional make-up market into consumer market.

Their questions was simple and very specific: - Can you INVENT a new patentable airbrush, which will be very easy to use, intended to be used by women at home?

Our answer was: - Of course we can! We have done this before and we will do it again. For you.

Another challenge for Temptu was tooling and manufacturing. This company has never been involved in actual production, did not have a single engineer or designer in their staff. They were buying few models of metal airbrushes on "open market" in Asia and selling them in the USA as part of their product assortment. Now they had to actually make their own product.

We took this company to one of our long-time partnering factories in Dongguan, China and set up tooling, production and components sourcing for them. We also supervised all initial pilot production runs, troubleshot all product models and left only when production was running smooth at high speed and quality.


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