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DavidWhitePond is the independent branding and experience design studio of Tyler Mintz. Our multi-disciplinary work transforms your app, brand, book, brochure, campaign, exhibit, logo, motion graphics, product, package, poster, user experience, website into a visual and physical reality. We work with clients to identify the heart of each project. We believe that great design grows out of research, collaboration and hard work. Exploration, play and having fun finds its way into our work too. We like to leave pre-conceived ideas at the door and work together on each project to generate original ideas and multiple design directions.

DavidWhitePond's clients span a wide range of business sectors, from food, fashion and non-profits to tech-startups. Our work has been featured in galleries, magazines, books, on blogs and even on Television several times. We have never entered a design competition: DWP respects competition and awards but focuses on making you, the client, the best work possible.

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  • Graphic Design
  • Branding
  • Interaction Design

Typical Project Budget

$10,000 - $25,000

Location 1

1081 Sterling Place
Brooklyn, NY 11213
United States


tyler mintz
phone: 9788214876
Website: Our Work tyler@davidwhitepond.com

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