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Cabela's Sausage Stuffer

Client: Cabela's

Cabela's approached us to implement a new drive system clutch and improve the canister latching mechanism into their already-popular sausage press. After extensive testing, we simplified the process of installing the motor, making it hands and tool-free. We suggested adding a meat level indicator, and added a motor-driven foot pedal to remove the need to hand-crank.

Never content with blindly executing any project, we experienced the process of making sausage first-hand, leading us to some interesting conclusions and further design improvement suggestions. On the central canister, we realized one simple improvement that would improve the user experience greatly - add feet! This addition even prompted positive user feedback, found on Cabela's customer reviews at Cabela'

“I love the new design with the legs on the bottom of the holding tank, it makes life easy when you need to refill – no more wrestling with it like the old version… this new design takes care of all the bugs in the old version!"


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