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NONOBJECT is sought out by clients from around the world because of our ability to design experiences that positively disrupt.

Design goes far beyond the making of a product. At the core, we believe that design has the power to create deeper impact - emotional relevance that transcends features and aesthetics. With emotional relevance comes loyalty and word-of-mouth, and with loyalty and word-of-mouth comes the market momentum to positively disrupt.

We think about design holistically, and work from the digital to the tangible, from hand-held devices to fully immersive experiences. Unlike many design firms, we stay with our clients all the way to market launch, making sure the design intent remains intact.

Our single-minded focus on emotional relevance took Ultimate Ears from unknown to market leader in the portable speaker market, it made fi’zi:k’s Arione bike saddle one of the most popular in the world, and it has inspired companies as diverse as Google, Dolby, Sandvik and Nespresso among others to collaborate with us on brand new experiences.

Whether you’re a multi-national or a startup, our goal is the same; to imbue your experiences with emotional relevance and drive positive disruption.


DAThis firm is an adopter of the Designers Accord


  • SONY
  • BMW
  • DirectTV
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • HP
  • Logitech
  • Ultimate Ears
  • Nespresso
  • AirCom Pacific
  • Control 4


Spring 2006

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  • Industrial Design
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Interaction Design

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144 Burns Ave
Atherton, CA 94027
United States


Branko Lukic
phone: 650-473-9040
Website: Create positive disruption

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