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Xbox Special Editions

Client: Xbox

For nearly five years, Tactile has partnered with the Xbox ID team to design limited edition consoles and controllers. Often, these products are for games with huge fan bases, so our mission is to design with as much authenticity as possible. There’s no faking it. The designer must become the fan.

Our expertise in color, material, and finish development results in products that feel like they fell right out of the game. We work closely with Xbox ID, engineers and manufacturing partners to push the very limits of the CMF industry. When two major brands—Xbox and the major game titles—share the same stage, both integrity and performance are paramount.

We worked closely with Xbox ID and game developers to bring the very soul and passion of the games to the devices that control them. This is our opportunity to say thank you to the fans, and create something they would love—something they would wait in line for—and we take that very seriously.

So we delved into the research. We interviewed gamers, we immersed ourselves in the culture, and we often play early cuts of the games for hours ourselves. The developers poured years of passion into single game titles, and we get to bring that passion to life.

Every detail—no matter how small—is painstakingly refined by hand. There’s an art to making a one-of-a-kind concept that retains its magic when mass produced. And we’ve perfected that art through continual iteration, from kickoff to the factory floor. It takes a team of designers, engineers, and manufacturing partners to align on a single vision.


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