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CREATIVE ICON - Partnership with PFAFF - The best sewing machine in the world that targets users who enjoys both handcrafting and technology. The advanced design and features allows the user to upload pictures directly into the machine and use it in their creations. This super-modern product establishes its greatness by selling like hot cakes and having received; Red Dot - Best of the best 2018 award.

ZSTOVE- The ZStove was designed with the vision; ‘’Cooking shouldn’t kill’’ and allows African households to both save money and cook without damaging their health or the environment.
Through carefully designed natural draft, the pellet stove burns as cleanly as a stove with a fan, if not more cleanly. Without a fan, we can skip expensive components and without a battery for a fan, the need for charging has been eliminated.
Zstove can also be used indoors, as long as there is a door or window ajar so that air and oxygen can enter the room.

CLS - Picture: A high tech medical device that helps to reduce health care costs for society and improve treatment for cancer patients. CLS is a successful Swedish high-tech medical device company specialising in laser thermo-therapy for cancer treatment. Zenit helped CLS to develop product design of hardware, interaction design and graphic user interface for the system.

EARIN - Earin is the smallest, wireless earbuds available on the market. Two earbuds that together function as one Bluetooth headphone. No cables, no attachments, just magically small buds delivering high quality audio. The earbuds are stored in a compact capsule, which also charges the earbuds either when the capsule is connected to a power supply or with its battery. You can actually charge the buds in your pocket.

MALMOE CITY -A range of waste bins that makes it easy for sanitation workers and the general public to put waste in the right place. 4000 bins will be installed by summer 2019.


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