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SHOW MEDIA mobile cafe


SHOW MEDIA is a leading digital media and advertising company. They want to create a mobile café as a vehicle to sell advertising space. Their targeted advertisers are hi-end brands and companies so the mobile café design must reflect such style and quality.

During our research, we want to find out what it is like selling coffee on the street. We want to hear the needs and concerns of the operators. So, we follow and interview a selected number of operators on location. We know the client want to maximize the display area for advertisement. On the other hand, the operators want better air flow, better lighting and easy maintenance. We also need to address the size, mobility, weight, safety, sanitary and city regulation requirement.

We careful evaluate our research findings to guide the design process. We want the simple form of the cart to give way to the advertising panels allow them to be the focal point. We made the back side of the cart in one single sliding door. It provides an unobstructed advertising space and improves air circulation when it is slide open. There are additional advertising panels on either end of the cart. The fold-up canopy shields sun and rain. The built-in solar panel provides all the needed electricity for the mobile café. The cart interior and the pastry display case is now well-lighted with LED lights. The Show Media mobile cafe is a perfect solution that blend style and function together.


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