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About Us

SoMA collaborates with Startups and Fortune 50 companies to develop memorable products that redefine markets and the Use Experience. We enjoy a challenge and excel at transforming complex situations and technologies into clear accessible solutions that deliver a competitive advantage. Our product development methodology, manufacturing logistics and our knowledge of regulatory compliance help our Pacific Rim clients deliver technically feasible, operationally viable, and commercially successful products.

Since 1992 we’ve explored the boundaries of innovation and the demands of competitive markets. We’ve had the good fortune to have worked with such companies as Intel, Nike, Herman Miller, Carl Ziess, IBM, Fluke and others.




  • Strategic Consulting
  • Industrial Design
  • Engineering

Main Office

514 NW 11th Avenue
Suite 201
Portland, OR 97209
United States


Stevan Wittenbrock
phone: 503-241-1900

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