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T-Mobile Premium packaging

Client: T-mobile

The latest packaging created for the Premium T-Mobile packaging is an elevation of the T-Mobile accessories structural packaging design initiative. This package design was well received by consumers and extended to more T-Mobile product than originally anticipated. The package features a hidden magnetic closure for ease of accessibility. It also is comprised of only two parts. There is an internal thermoform tray that holds the products and allows for easy sliding access that creates no damage to the packaging when a customer evaluates the product. The other part is the external paperboard which opens like a book with a detailed peek-a-boo view port to give a teaser of the product. By integrating a "5th" panel with the magnetic closure we were able to create twice the graphic real estate all from a single dieline. The result was a structure combined with strong visual graphics to create a package that reinforces the premium qualities of T-Mobile.
Graphics by Philippe Becker


Packaging - Structural phone Premium T-Mobile

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