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Kleurvision Inc. is a young, fresh identity and graphic design powerhouse specializing in branding, relationship building, and artwork generation, and is the brain child of graphic designer, photographer, fashion designer, and entrepreneur, Patrick Lyver.

Since the spring of two-thousand and four, Kleurvision inc. has established the branding momentum for a number of clients, helping these organizations send clear and distinct messages and build a strong foundation of corporate identity, trust and market presence.

At Kleurvision Inc. we pride ourselves on being not only a graphic design firm, but also provide strategic problem-solving skills, advertising, promotional services, photography and marketing strategies. Research, development and implementation tie together our package.



  • Husky Energy
  • Toronto Transit Commission
  • Ward-Beck Systems
  • Frito Lay
  • Pepsico
  • Black Box Music
  • Halflife Records
  • EMI Publishing
  • William Morris Agency



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