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Estee Lauder TurboLash Motion Mascara

Turbolash borrows from a pulsing technique used in painting, which allows for a more even application and results in a more refined look. The tube was designed with a simple cap that twists to turn the motor on. Once on, the vibrating brush with micro-pulse bristles can saturate lashes while separating them to keep from clumping--giving women a whole new experience in mascara application.

Radius and Nypro collaborated to explore a variety of design options/solutions (multi-component assemblies, motor chassis and battery retention, and switch activation. Our internal assembly solution developed jointly with Radius, Nypro and EL, reduced the cap part count to only two major pieces; a complicated one piece wand / brush combination and a revolutionary chassis / smart-rotating switch. The transparent collaboration between the partners yielded not only basic product innovations, but also significant process innovations that would prove essential to commercializing EL’s original vision.


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