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Our design vision allows a deep emotive connection with people that places the product beyond fleeting fashions. In today's fast changing world, many of our products have proven to be exceptionally long lived.

Knowledge, creativity, sensitivity, relevance, emotions, empathy, business, intuition, passion are the ingredients that make up a great idea. Competence, attention to detail, tangibility, and efficiency are the way to obtain a great product able to generate significant value for people and solid business opportunities for companies.

Innovation, people's needs and desires, cultural and consumer trends, technological process integration are the core concepts of our design philosophy. This approach enables us to generate strategic visions and to focus on conceptually innovative solutions capable of making the users' experiences meaningful and creating strong emotional ties with the brands.

We are located in Bilbao -just a stone’s throw from the Guggenheim Museum, the Santiago Calatrava walkway and the Isozaki Atea Towers- in the heart of the exciting urban transformation that the town is undergoing. Faithful to our origins in the field of architecture, we combine the conception of new products with designing events and exhibitions, as an enriching matrix for both activities.

Our portfolio holds more than three hundred products marketed by leading brands, such as Bosch, Siemens, Kenwood, AEG, Black & Decker, ABB Niessen, Grupo Uralita... Since 2002, our work with Asian companies has afforded us in-depth knowledge to ensure the monitoring of our designs. It has also provided us with a wide vision of new design approaches in a global culture.




  • Industrial Design
  • Design Management
  • Strategic Consulting

Main Office

Nervión, 3 - 4º
Bilbao, Bizkaia 48001


Brigitte Sauvage
phone: +34 946 612 050
fax: +34 944 257 041

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