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LA NHM Nature Gardens, Nature Lab, Age of Mammals

Client: Los Angeles Natural History Museum

LA Natural History Museum
Los Angeles, CA

Nature Gardens • opened 2013
The Nature Gardens are 3.5 acres of urban wilderness where visitors can engage with nature, learn about and participate in real scientific activities.

A variety of habitats throughout the Nature Gardens allow exploration of the many plant and animal species that live locally in Los Angeles. In addition, specific interactive areas Get Dirty Zone) encourage visitors to look closer by digging in the dirt and changing their physical perspective.

Some interactive objects are designed to take an idea in nature and abstract that experience into an engaging and physical form. Other pieces are designed to provide a transformative experience with nature, one that can only be had at the Museum.

Nature Lab • opened 2013
The Nature Lab allows visitors to develop a deeper understanding of the natural spaces, processes and creatures in the Nature Gardens. In addition it provides a platform to learn about ongoing research happening each day at the museum.

The interactive experiences help visitors learn about the methods that scientists use to investigate and identify the plants and animals around us and provide a starting point to get involved with citizen science projects.

Age of Mammals • opened 2010
The Age of Mammals presents an evolutionary story that spans 65 million years, illustrating to visitors the wondrous diversity of mammal life that has evolved. The guiding theme of the exhibit: Continents move, Climates change, Mammals evolve, provides a framework that connects the various mammal stories and specimens across time and great distances.

The physical interactives are designed to engage the visitor through playful physical interaction and communicate one critical concept in a simple and clear fashion. The elegant and simple design of the interactives blends seamlessly into the surrounding exhibit structures.


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