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Promwad Innovation Company ( implements a full cycle of electronics development: from idea to production launch.

A team of professional industrial designers works within Promwad. They have an extensive experience in designing new, interesting and eye-catching products. The team’s priority is the development of enclosures for electronic devices out of various materials, such as plastic, metal and wood.

The experts at Promwad provide customer support at all stages of development:
• Idea generation and conceptual work-through
• Development of the original design and construction
(drafting, 3D-modeling, and visualization)
• Selection of materials for the enclosure
• Manufacture of prototypes and samples of the enclosure
• Production launch

Promwad solutions have moved from sketches and electronic models to products launched into batch production. While working on a project, the design team analyzes global trends, elaborates on shape and ergonomics, as well as uses modern technologies and tools for interaction with production and the customer.


  • Incyma (Switzerland)
  • SmartLabs (Russia)
  • Locus Pro (Russia)



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