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DuPont Prototypes

Client: DuPont

When DuPont needed to find innovative ways to show the unique capabilities of their advanced materials, they came to 219 Design. The partnership began in early 2018 with a concept generation session and has progressed to the development of a variety of prototypes that showcase many of DuPont’s advanced materials with novel designs.

219 worked with DuPont to develop a custom-designed drone, scooter, AR goggles, and more. Built primarily (more than 50%) out of DuPont materials carefully selected for their ability to improve safety, performance, and durability.

"219’s brainstorming methodology is collaborative and effective. We came up with many ideas together that could show the versatility of DuPont materials in engaging and new ways. We had a lot of fun in the process too."
Julian Velazquez, Innovation Prototyping & Design Lead at DuPont


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