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MakeupDrop Packaging

Client: MakeupDrop

Cosmetic packaging doesn’t always have to be premium printing on folding cartons; it can be elegantly simple. For MakeupDrop, Zenpack created a completely clear plastic box allowing customers to instantly see the silicone beauty applicator inside.

The worldwide cosmetic industry is huge, and MakeupDrop is one of the most innovative companies in the space. Their goal was to create a product that helps consumers apply makeup with less waste than traditional brushes and sponges. Most cosmetic brands use folding cartons with fancy printing, foils, or high-end papers; however, this can be a problem for the consumer because the actual product doesn’t always match what’s shown on the package. Customers want to have a clear look at the product before making their purchase decision.

Zenpack created a transparent plastic box using PET material to showcase the product, and applied high quality UV print on the outer box. Strong, simple, and clear, the PET box is also recyclable. This package design presents the buyer with an unobstructed view of the MakeupDrop, giving them a window into a potentially unfamiliar product.

At the start of the design process, Zenpack discussed structural engineering plans and printing techniques. The design team first explored a hybrid solution with PET cover and paper box but the results didn’t achieve the intended effect. The biggest challenge was finding the best way to showcase the product itself while creating an eye-catching display.

The design needed to meet the industry packaging standards in order for it to comply with retail and shelf displays. Zenpack believed it was important to create an appealing visual effect on the packaging to instantly attract the customer’s attention in stores.

The design team invested many hours in creating a die line for the PET box that offered a very durable structure, along with sharp lines and subtle side flaps. In order to create the visual effect of the product floating in the center when


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