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Yard-X Multi-Use Garden Tool

Client: Swaoff, LLC

Yard-X is a multi-use 5 in 1 garden tool which we designed and developed for our client Swaoff, LLC. This tool has a pivoting head which allows this tool to be used to hoe and slice, rake and smooth, scrape and cut, edge and chop, and aerate and loosen the soil. This design allows this tool to replace multiple tools in the gardening and landscaping area.

Hebert Engineering & Design took the client through the design process step by step developing this new product through research, sketches, and basic prototypes. We then applied to this project our engineering and CAD skills to produce the manufacturing drawings and files for production while adhering to a design for manufacturing philosophy. Finally, we built various prototypes to test all the development and design work prior to entering the tooling and production phase. During this entire process, we helped our client strategically plan the business direction and their intellectual property goals.

We outsourced the manufacturing of Yard-X in China through our HEDC local office in Shanghai that our principle travels to 2 to 3 times per year to verifying manufacturers and check on existing production orders. We are a very hands-on operation at Hebert Engineering and Design and we project manage the production, quality control and shipping logistics of all our client's production orders.

Our goal is and has always been, to get a well designed and manufactured product for our customers. It has been our primary philosophy that when our customers succeed, we do too. The end result for our customer Swaoff, LLC is that we have a very happy customer with a successful product that is now selling on Amazon and at True Value Hardware and other hardware centers.


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